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Here you'll find our range of memorial products from carved headstones to personalised inscriptions. Please feel free to browse by using the filters above.
Here are a small sample of memorials that we can offer you. We have many different memorial brochures available, which we can send out upon request. We can also create bespoke memorials, so if you have an idea you would like to discuss with us please free to give us a call or pop in and visit one of our showrooms. Our in-house designers can work closely with you to create a perfect memorial for your loved one.
Here you will see a sample of ways that we can layout inscriptions for you. There are many other ways, so please contact us to discuss these or any other ideas you may have.
As well as traditional Memorials we also offer a variety of Ceramic Urns and Planter Style Urns. Please contact us for further information on these.
If you have a Memorial and it's suffered a spell of neglect and may have been subjected to the following:  Acid rain, frost, dirt, bird droppings, sap from trees or any stains that have been caused from falling leaves off nearby trees your memorial may now be in need of a refurbishment. You've tried cleaning it with a scrubbing brush and water and its not been successful, well we have experienced monumental masons who will carefully clean and restore your memorial to its former glory. On Marble or soft sandstones if the lead letters have fallen our masons are able to re-cut or repair the lettering. If it's Granite and the gold has faded then we can make sure that we give your memorial a new appearance. Great care will be taken while the memorial is being restored and with the quality of our craftsmanship the results are amazing. Why not give us a call and we will inspect your Memorial and give you a fully itemised quote FREE OF CHARGE. You will be under no obligation or pressure to make it an order, so please feel free to contact us at any time and let us restore your Memorial to its former glory.
A beautiful angel leaning on an expertly carved stone headstone with beveled edges, marbled effect and flower arrangement container

TEC 04

A touching cared headstone with angel watching over the grave

TEC 08

A beautiful floral headstone with with roses

TEC 09

Black and grey headstone with love heart and flower arrangement.

TEC 39

A beautiful black headstone with doves and blue ribbon

TEC 44

Black headstone in two halves with a bridge joining them

TEC 51

Black headstone with love hearts and inscription

TEC 58

Black headstone with white flying birds

TEC 60

A simple black marble headstone with a couple under a crescent moon

TEC 63

A black marble headstone with touching inscription and flying dove

TEC 67

A Celtic themed headstone with Celtic cross

TEC 83

A football inspired headstone with footballer in play

TEC 89

Ceramic urn with photo

Ceramic Urn 3

A love heart shaped ceramic urn to remember your loved one

Ceramic Urn 2

A ceramic urn with a picture to remember your loved one

Ceramic Urn 1

Keep your loved ones ashes in a lovely ceramic urn with photo

Ceramic Urn 4

A bound book styled ceramic urn to store your loved ones ashes and lovely memories in pictures

Ceramic Urn 5

Watch the beauty of a plant growing up from your loved ones ashes

Criss Cross

Remember your loved one with this stunning golden memorial urn with bowl which you can fill with flowers, scented oils or potpourri

Royal – Black

An example headstone inscription in white with gold detail - style 1

Style 1

An example headstone inscription in gold - style 2

Style 2

A memorial inscription in gold and white with red detailing - style 3

Style 3

A memorial inscription example in white with red detail - style 4

Style 4

An example memorial inscription in gold - style 5

Style 5

An example memorial inscription in gold - style 6

Style 6

An example memorial inscription - style 7

Style 7

An example memorial or headstone inscription - style 8

Style 8

An example memorial inscription - style 9

Style 9

An example headstone inscription in white - style 10

Style 10

An example memorial inscription - style 11

Style 11

An example memorial inscription - style 12

Style 12

A weathered and faded headstone, just before our master carvers re-carved the inscription and cleaned up the headstone.

Jones Before

A marble headstone after re-carving and cleaning by our dedicate and talented team.

Jones After

A stone memorial before rejuvenation

Carroll Before

A stone memorial after rejuvenation by our team

Carroll After